Bar Stool Repair

5 Reasons To Repair Not Replace

I think it’s time to save you money, don’t you?

In this article we explain how repairing furniture is more beneficial than replacing.

Save Money
According to a report, customers who use repair shops are more satisfied with repairs as they are proven to be cost effective and the service they receive is constantly above average.

Buying replacement furniture costs double the price of a repair. A repair means your last longing furniture (so far) will last even longer. So, just because a dining table has become damaged and you think it’s too far gone…. you’re already planning on re-designing the room so everything matches, just think Ecomaster, a quick and effective repair and restoration service with highly trained technicians all over the UK.

Unless you have the time to search for a piece of furniture that gives you everything you’re looking for, one that doesn’t strain your wallet, it’s wise to choose the sensible option that will give you peace of mind. However, saving costs are not the only contributing factor to the advantages of choosing a repair service. Repairs reduce the amount of waiting time as services are performed on your premises, on your own terms. You’ll be able to bask in the glory of being able to make your purchases last longer than anyone else’s.

The quality of furniture you first purchase greatly impacts how well it will perform and deal with wear and tear over the years. If you have an old antique chair placed in one of your rooms as an ornament or just an item of furniture that is pleasing to the eyes of customers and you can’t afford to purchase a replacement, professional restoration will quickly become your life saver. By choosing superior quality and style by restoring your own furniture, it means you get quality for even cheaper.

Furthermore, to avoid the problem of having to constantly repair or replace an item, invest in higher quality furnishings from the very beginning at a greater cost and take care of your furniture regularly! We are able to maintain furniture for however long you require us to, this means you won’t have to make any more sudden replacement purchases. The only thing that will come to greet you is one of our technicians.

Save Valuable Time
Buying new furniture can consume a lot of time, from first going to inspect and choose a right design and style, right through to the delivery. The amount of hassle and potential stress that could arise is relatively high and all you would like is a stress free, quick and easy solution to your problem. To compare, a typical repair service’s turnaround time is 2-3 days, whereas a replacement item would take up to 7 days with delivery.

With Ecomaster, we repair 99% of items on site, so we save you not only time but hassle.

We repair at your convenience, a time that is best suited for you. Whereas buying new furniture does have potential problems that could occur throughout the purchasing process. The most common problem customers experience are inconvenient returns which then results in further shopping. Take into consideration the hassle of buying, matching styles and delivery that more than likely won’t appear at a time that fits around your busy schedule.

Disturbances can also cause a problem when the delivery day finally comes. Depending on the type of furniture and the size, it can be quite difficult to get the piece exactly where you want it without bugging customers. A simple on site repair service is much easier, you wouldn’t even know we were there. Visit our commercial page for a full list of services you may require.

The service you receive determines whether or not you will become a frequent, returning customer which is why with Ecomaster we provide a smooth, quick and effective service tailored to you. We have established multiple partnerships with many leading furniture manufacturers and retailers will not look after you like Ecomaster will. As well as repairing furniture, we also custom build furniture using traditional methods so if you have an idea that you would like to bring to life, our designers can help spread their many years of experience and wisdom.