Here you can find out more about our business history and how we’ve grown through the years. Ecomaster are the UKs leading furniture repair and restoration company; able to restore most items of furniture to factory standards at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. Like many national businesses we started small years ago and developed our trade through the years.

We’re a family owned business benefitting from two generations in the furniture industry and team members who’ve been with us for decades. Today Ecomaster work in partnership with many of the leading furniture manufacturers and retailers and are approved suppliers to major hotel and leisure groups throughout the UK.


A family business

In the 70’s local furniture expert Steve Gresty started a small manufacturing company in the Midlands making high quality furniture for the retail market including DFS, House of Fraser & Allders..


The first technician team

The business started employing a specialist team of french polishers to repair furniture damaged on delivery on behalf of U.K retailers.


Furniture industry changes

As the world changed and manufacturing increasingly moved overseas, U.K furniture companies went out of business or changed their model.


Ecomaster is born

Although furniture was increasingly built overseas, Steve recognised the demand for mobile furniture technicians to support retailers in quality control and after sales repairs and started Ecomaster with son Paul.


Ecomaster head office

To create a fantastic working environment and prepare for future growth Steve & Paul chose a 19th farmhouse originally built for Sir Robert Peel as their centre of operations.


Ecomaster goes nationwide

As Ecomaster grew as did demand for our service. Before long our technician team was able to cover every corner of the U.K from Cornwall to the Isle of Skye, from Belfast to Dover.


Over 50 vans on the road

By 2005 our team of mobile technicians reached 50 for the first time. This alongside introducing more advanced I.T tools enabled Ecomaster to speed up our response times even to less populous parts of the country.


Ecomaster Commercial launched

Through the years Ecomaster had delivered furniture services to retailer showrooms on a project basis. This developed into providing furniture refurbishment to restaurants, hotels, offices and even dentists.


Ecomaster serve their 100,000th customer

Attended our 100,000th visit to repair furniture! To be honest we didn’t know exactly which job it was but we celebrated all the same


Ecomaster Commercial expands

Ecomaster’s commercial division adds builders, electricians and plumbers to the team and is increasingly providing complete renovation solutions running large projects from start to finish.


Ecomaster Home Repair

Ecomaster continue to thrive and develop our range of services. Our skills have been available for ‘private hire’ for years. In 2016 we launched Ecomaster Home Repair, making it easier to report a home furniture issue and get it resolved with a cost effective Ecomaster repair.