Interior Design Tips from Ecomaster

Interior Design Trends for Hotels

Add a touch of timelessness and authenticity to your hotel, office or venue with interior design trends that are taking 2017 by storm.

If you’re looking to modernise your venue, we have a few tips on how you could achieve the vision you are hoping for. Let the interior design tips and tricks begin!

Retro Designs – The popularity of the 60’s and 70’s inspired furniture is expected to rise throughout the year. Well, they do say old is gold. Many are attracted to this traditional look and for hotels in particular, it seems to be fast growing. By updating certain elements in rooms, reception and restaurant areas with retro furniture, it gives a stylish edge without having to renovate the entire room. The impact one piece of furniture can have on a room is quite extraordinary.

Wondering how to do this exactly? Simply use marble accessories to style with focal pieces of slate wooden furniture and you will then achieve a retro, modern look and feel.

Metallic Designs – Metallic pieces are known for the Victorian era, but it’s making a strong comeback. As many hotels, restaurants and bars are being converted from conversions, it seems they’re incorporating this style into their venues for a one of a kind look. Metallic finishes offer a distinctive look and refined finish which sets it apart from many other hotels in the industry.

However, it is important to note that it is very easy to go over the top when using metallic. Add metallic touches to chairs, table legs and stitches to subtly impress the eyes of clients and lift it’s aesthetic.

Neutral Tones – Neutral tones aren’t really a new trend. It is one that has stuck with light coloured palettes that create a calm and bold element into your design. Neutral will forever be a classic but choosing a colour scheme is not as simple as you might think. Think about the importance of a room and what kind of atmosphere you want to create with the interior design. Make your guests feel the personality of the hotel. Try it for yourself, it works for any style.

Vintage Florals – Florals are especially popular among pub designers but they are also growing in the hotel sector too! As would think florals would be based in the wallpaper or carpet flooring, it has transitioned and is beginning to showcase it’s attractive and stunning vintage look on many pieces of furniture such as chairs, sofas, headboards.

The beauty with this trend is that it works all year round. There are many different floral interiors to suit the type of room you are modernising, from large contemporary patterns to small vintage florals.

Retro, metallic, neutral tones and vintage florals will be the designs to look out for as we are sure they will leave a good, long lasting impression. However, if you are still unsure of what look to go for, we have interior experts at hand to discuss your requirements and help with your vision. And well, if not, why not share with us your own tips for your home? We hear patterned and patchwork tiles are on their way back…