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Introducing our retail support service

Ecomaster are a national leader in providing a specialist repair & resolution services to the furniture industry. We act as an extension of our client’s customer services department, picking up after sales issues with a wide range of furniture and resolving them to the satisfaction of the consumer and retailer. We have years of experience in the furniture industry and have prospered through delivering great service, high quality work and excellent cost efficiencies to our clients. Find out more about us.

Service details

  • Customer appointments

    Our contact centre uses a ‘mixed media’ approach to making an appointment quickly and conveniently with the customers of our retailer and manufacturer clients.

    We employ text messaging, email, phone calls and even good old fashioned post as part of ensuring we attend at the customer’s nearest convenience.

    Saturday appointments & early first call appointments are avialble at no extra charge to ensure we see customers that are not available Mon-Fri 9-17:00.

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    our friendly call centre

    Case management system

    • Get a appointment straight away (check live availability)
    • Optional email notifications as jobs progress
    • User accounts for different departments or stores
    • A range of invoicing options
    • Return visit approval including cost estimate to fix
    • Clear history of job actions and progress
    The Ecomaster client portal

    Inspection Report

    Every time we visit a customer to inspect or repair furniture we supply a full report. Our reports consist of details direct supplied directly from our technician.

    Reports include:

    • Description of any issues found
    • Detailed information about the causes of issues
    • Explanation of the action taken
    • Itemised list of any parts used or required
    • Photographs showing every step of the process

    We employ a specialist reporting app connected to our central job management system which enables the quick availability to information to our clients.

    An example of an Ecomaster report

    Agreed service levels

    Our clients can expect us to handle customer contact, visit attendance and report publication promptly. Our technicians are trained and equipped to resolve a large number of furniture issues in their first visit. We monitor our response times and performance continuously to ensure our service is above standard at all times.

    • Response times to contact your customer
    • Emergency same appointment availability
    • Repair slots available within agreed timeframe

    We can tailor service levels to ideally serve our client’s needs as part of our agreement. If you’re interested in talking to us, we’d be glad to arrange a phone call, web meeting or personal visit from our account managers.

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    Ecomaster's Client SLA

    Advanced client services

    Our larger clients enjoy a range of more involved services that further increase the value and efficiency of our work. If any of the following features are of interest to you, our sales team can discuss your requirements

    • System integration - Job data can be securely transferred direct from a retailer’s systems into our job management system.
    • Management information - Regular reports detailing the outcomes of completed jobs.
    • Direct customer management - We can integrate our call centre with a retailers customer service department enabling us to seamlessly handle your customer after sales furniture enquiries.
    Conceptual image of businessman building a jigsaw to represent Ecomaster's advanced client services
  • About the contact centre

    We handle enquiries from our retail clients and their customers from our contact centre based at Hill Farm, our head office. You can rely on our helpful team to handle your enquiry quickly.

    Contact centre hours

    Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

    Saturday: 9am - 1pm

    Sunday: Closed

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  • Furniture Specialists

    Our technicians are specialists trained in furniture repair but also customer care and detailed inspection and reporting. Years of working closely with retailers and manufacturers across the U.K ensures our technician team is well prepared to deliver a great service.

    Furniture repairs and maintenance including recliner mechanisms and complete re-upholstery work

    • Leather & vinyl work: Rips, tears, scuffs, colour loss
    • Cabinet repairs: Scratches, heat rings, water marks and structural repairs
    • Bed repairs: Frame issues, broken drawers, loose headboards & mattress inspection
    One of Ecomaster's expert furniture tecnhicans at work

Furniture we inspect and repair


Arms chairs

Foot rests

Sofa beds

Reclining chairs



Chests of drawers




Bed frames

Divan drawers


Adjustable beds

Why choose Ecomaster?

National team of furniture technicians

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We arrive in branded vans and uniform to attend furniture appointments in every corner of the U.K.

Experienced customer service team

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Our U.K based customer service team are on call to answer your questions and update you on your repair.


Chosen by leading furniture retailers & manufacturers

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