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Keeping Your Clubs in Shape

  • Project Summary

    David Lloyd have 98 premium, health and fitness clubs, all of which have their own unique characteristics and offer individuality to customers. They provide more than just specialist fitness facilities but health and beauty spas, sports shops and even lounges, making them the UK’s leading fitness provider.

    However with over 180 swimming pools, 13,000 + exercise classes each week and 1000 tennis courts, damage to equipment does not fix itself and as our focus is to provide specialist services to those who need it, we step in to provide repair and maintenance services of a high standard.

    We make it our priority for venues to always ensure the premises maintains a welcoming look and feel to it in order for customers to feel comfortable and allow return visits. For sports and leisure clubs, as it involves heavy, expensive equipment that consumes the majority of rooms, it is essential that we regularly perform surveys and carry out repairs (if required) for the safety of employees and clients. Repairs can range from upholstering gym pads to sofas, chairs or small refurbishment works. We are your first choice for repairs.

    What goes into the work?

    Although we perform a variety of services for David Lloyds Sports Clubs, below are just a few:

    • Furniture Reupholstery
    • French Polishing
    • Painting and Decorating
    • Bathroom Plumbing
    • Refurbishment Works


  • Project Description

    As we take care of several David Lloyd sports clubs, services we provide can vary per visit. However, a common service we provide are the upholstery of gym pads as they become worn down and often suffer from rips and tears because of their constant use. With Ecomaster, we prepare the materials that meet specifications so we are ready to strip the fabric and re-cover the piece of equipment without any hassle whatsoever. We are able to fully recover any type of gym pads and rolls from different machines and in either vinyl or leather.

    As well as providing upholstery services, we also offer other ‘touch up’ services such as painting and decorating, re-grouting or even tiling and cleaning services to give a fresh and updated look. We understand how important appearance is as it can greatly impact business overall. To properly maintain venues and ensure it is kept in top shape all the while, get in touch with us to discuss specific services you may require.

    Browse through our previous work gallery to see what work we carry out for David Lloyd as well as many other sport and leisure clubs in the UK.

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