Pryzm Night Club

Repairing damaged furniture in a luxurious night club

  • Project Summary

    Pryzm Night Club is a large, innovative club located in Birmingham, with international DJ’s playing RnB, Hip Hop, Trance and Mash Up across 4 rooms. It’s futuristic and sophisticated design is an attraction to clients as well as the ultimate celebrations for events that can be tailored to you. It’s important that the venue is kept at high standards at all times, which is where we come in, the repair and renovation experts.

    We carry out various repairs for Pryzm Night Club as we are aware upholstery damage can occur quickly with it being used so frequently. Not only do we provide repair services, but refurbishment works if their vision and brand requires an update or development. We pride ourselves on high quality finishes and cost effective solutions.

    The services we carry out can range from upholstering a booth that has suffered a rip or tear to a refurbishment of multiple booths, changing the style completely.

    What goes into the work?

    • Furniture Reupholstery
    • Refurbishment Works
  • Project Description

    Our most recent work carried out has been the refurbishment of a complete seat section in gold vinyl and black for the main club room. We ensure that materials sewn at Ecomaster are the correct measurements so that when in progress, complications will not occur. Our usage of templates ensures we work efficiently  and with accurate results. Originally, the booth seating was red and black, but they envisioned a gold and black style which made the club room more modern and gave it a fresh look. Wall panels and ceiling fluted panels had to be taken off the walls and ceiling to be stripped of the red material and recovered in gold.

    This project was completed over approximately 6 days, as well as performing upholstery services to booths located in other rooms of the club. 138 flute panels, 11 seats, 6 red leather box seats and bench seats required recovering, all to a high standard.

    We continue to work with Pryzm to ensure their venue is kept at it’s best with our repair and interior restoration service. Keep up to date on our work with Pryzm, we’ll be performing small refurbishment works to their booths very soon. In the meantime, feel free to check out our galleries.

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