The Phelips Arms

Creating a friendly atmosphere deserving of this delightful ancient pub

The Phelips Arms looking great
  • Project Summary

    The Phelips Arms is a traditional country pub in the Elizabethan village of Montacute in Devon. Ecomaster were tasked with designing and delivering a complete refurbishment that fully revitalises the pub whilst being firmly in keeping with the traditional aesthetic of the village.

    To deliver this renovation within just 10 days Ecomaster called upon a wide range our of specialist skills from design to joinery.

    What went into the work:

    • Conceptualisation & CAD design
    • Project planning and preparation
    • Deconstruction of existing pub interior
    • Flooring installation
    • Furniture reupholstery
    • French polishing
    • Joinery
    • Electrical work
    • Furniture building
    • Painting & decorating
  • Project Description

    A complete renovation is a large and detailed piece of work. We were given a tight window of time to deliver the refurbishment and a fixed budget to operate within.

    We started with a detailed design process from which we our practical plan and list of required materials and equipment. Our office project management team coordinated with the site team to ensure all the right materials and staff were in place to deliver the project within the agreed timescale.

    No project is without surprises and challenges, a planned removal of asbestos revealed an unplanned for stone wall. Rather than allow this to throw the project off track, Ecomaster consulted with the designer then treated the stone wall, decorated it tastefully and so made it an asset to the rustic qualities of the room.

    We were pleased with the results and our clients at the pub were delighted.

    Skills Used

    • Design

    • Joinery

    • Installation

    • Upholstery

    • Wood Polishing

  • The design process

    The process of designing the new Phelips Arms balanced practicals requirements with style considerations. The new atmosphere of the pub would be shaped by the choices of colours, materials and fittings that would make up the final job. A healthy design board was developed to characterise the elements that the pub would centre on.

    pub renovation design board

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