French Polishing Process

What is French Polishing?

Ever wondered what French Polishing actually is?

In this article, we will be sharing a few tips to help you understand the purpose of french polishing and the process of it.

What is French Polishing?
French Polishing is a technique that restores wood and brings out it’s natural beauty.

What can it be used for?
French polishing is used to erase stains, these can consist of water based stains, light fast stains and even alcohol stains.

Why French Polish?
French Polishing restores furniture to it’s natural beauty and makes it appear almost brand new. It immediately adds more class and style to a room. The shiny effect makes the appearance look 10x better, even if the item of furniture is 10+ years old. French Polishing makes your furniture look young again and it’s simple enough to perform yourself! However, if you are having difficulty with it or have tried multiple solutions but have not been successful, don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our professionals will be able to carry it out.

Types of Polish
Polish is available in many different shades. It’s also possible to colour your own polish. Garnet is a brown polish, orange is golden brown and white is clear.

The difference between solid wax and spray wax?
Applying solid wax adds a small layer of wax to the finish means dirt will get trapped which is why it will appear streaky. Spray wax is more commonly used than solid wax. This is because with solid wax, you are likely to over use it. Spray that includes bees wax is an effective spray however, do not use polish with silicone. Although the furniture will be left with a good finish, over time it will not give the same effect as it did in the beginning.

How to erase white ring marks?
White ring marks are possibly the most common stains tables and wooden furniture suffer from. There are many products for removing ring marks but the majority unfortunately do not work successfully. These white marks can be removed by rubbing the area with metal polish wadding. You must rub vigorously to generate heat so you are able to produce a high quality finish. Here’s another tip: Use a coaster to prevent ring marks altogether!

Useful Tips

  • The surface of the furniture you are polishing should be clean and free from dirt and grease.
  • Sunlight can be quite harmful for dining chairs and tables, as people have their dining tables and chairs in front of a window. The sunlight will bleach them and fade them over time.
  • To keep the surface at a good, shiny standard constantly, polish the furniture with a microfibre cloth.
  • The polish should be pushed into the wood to help fill pores and open texture, so your technique must be at least satisfactory for it to be effective.
  • It is important that when you get to the stage of sanding the furniture down, that you use the correct sanding paper to ensure it remains smooth and is fully prepared for the coating of polish rubber.
  • Polish rubber should then be applied across the surface in the direction of the grain.
  • Repeat the same process multiple times with new layers of polish.

French Polishing is still as effective as it was 20+ years ago. Strong, developed polish solutions and trained professionals allow an impressive and successful finish to wooden surfaces. We do not encourage that you carry out this repair yourself for many reasons, the main one being we would not want you to cause further damage as it is a difficult process to follow. If you are not sure of the process, it is a wise decision to hire a professional with the right skills and tools.